SAMSHA Recognizes CDOI

The Measurement Tools Used in CDOI Practice are Granted Evidence Based Practice Recognition by SAMSHA

After a two year evaluation of the tools used in Client Directed Outcome Informed work, SAMSHA has put them on the list of Evidence Based Practices. The tools are the Outocme Rating Scale (ORS) and the Session Rating Scale (SRS).  They were evaluated under the name PCOMS (Partners for Change Outcome Management System).

From the SAMSHA announcment:

The Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS) is a client feedback program for improving the treatment outcomes of adults and children participating in a behavioral health care intervention. PCOMS is designed to improve the retention of participants in treatment and to assist them in reaching reliable and clinically significant change. The program can be implemented by behavioral health
care therapists as part of any behavioral health care intervention.

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