CHCS ACT Team has been Serving Clients for over 15 Years

 ACT Team services are designed for adults (18 yrs and older) who have an AXIS I Major Mental Illness (i.e. Schizophrenia, Bipolar Illness, Schizoaffective Disorder or Major Depression with Psychosis), who are at high risk of psychiatric (re)hospitalization, have a high level of instability in the community, have difficulty with medication compliance and difficulty connecting with treatment and support services.  Persons who have co-occurring AXIS II or Substance Abuse Disorders may be served.

The ACT Model values an interdisciplinary approach; individualized treatment and supports, tenacious outreach efforts and long term involvement.  Engagement is regarded as a clinical intervention focused on creating a flexible, low barrier access to treatment and supports.  Basic needs will be met first, assisting persons to obtain necessary food, clothing, housing, benefits, etc.  Team members will respond to the needs identified by the consumer.  Our hope is to develop a rapport and a trust relationship that will support the person’s strengths and skills enhancing their ability to achieve their goals.

 ACT Team services include psychiatric evaluation, medication administration, nursing assessment, functional assessment and identification of strengths and needs.  In addition, we provide advocacy, individual support planning (ISP), supportive counseling, skill teaching, psychoeducation, clinical intervention, crisis stabilization, and a full complement of case management services.  The Team places a high priority on collaboration and coordination with family members, significant others, informal supports, crisis stabilization resources and all other service providers to ensure the best quality of care.

CHCS Mission

Community Health and Counseling Services will provide community health services that are needed and valued by the communities and individuals we serve.