School Dance Programs

Serving Schools in the Bangor Area for 15 Years

In-School Dance Program
Our largest program is an in-school Dance program now in 7 schools, three of which have an enhanced Dance with Health component.  The Dance program consists of a professional dance artist teaching a complete grade (we target 3rd-5th grades) non-competitive dance once a week for the school year. The students do an in school performance for the school population and also an evening performance for parents, friends and the community.  We have 5 professional dance artists teaching dance in the schools.  They all follow the National Dance Institute (NDI) pedagogy  which  is geared to school populations of third through fifth graders.
The Dance with Health Program is the same dance experience but adds information about dance as a comprehensive exercise and adds the “Hip To Be Fit” nutrition curriculum, which is a national model curriculum, to the program.

After School Dance Program
This is our second year of participating in an after school dance program with RSU 19’s Twenty First Century Grant initiative. The dance program is held at three different sites : Newport, Corinna and Hartland schools, with students from 6 surrounding schools bused in to the 3 locations to take part in an hour of dance,. This year our dance theme  focuses on jazz dance and musical instruments.  Students learn combinations that represent a saxaphone, drums, a piano, etc and they learn about great jazz musicians, such as Ella Fitzgerald, Benny Goodman, etc. They have a combination of steps that are named for an instrument, or a jazz great such as the Benny or the Ella. This is a way for them to combine factual learning about jazz through actively participating in dance movement.

CHCS Mission

Community Health and Counseling Services will provide community health services that are needed and valued by the communities and individuals we serve.