Community Health and Counseling Services is a private, non-profit corporation governed by a voluntary Board of Directors. Corporate Members elect members of the corporation and the Board of Directors. Board and Corporate Members represent a cross-section of community interests from throughout the CHCS service area. They are representatives of the business and professional communities, persons knowledgeable about the health care needs in the region, and persons experienced in assisting community-based organizations like CHCS address those health care needs.


Angela T. Butler, President
Michael R. Bazinet, First Vice President
Dr. Beatrice M. Szantyr, Second Vice President
Elizabeth O. LaStaiti, Secretary
Glenn D. Goodwin, Treasurer
John B. Miller, Immediate Past President
Elizabeth C. Braunhut
James R. Fernald
Charles M. Hutchins
Carroll R. Lee
Nicole C. Stevens
Suzanne H. Svendsen
Roberta E. Winchell, Esq.
Marjorie F. Withers
Timothy C. Woodcock, Esq.


Mr. Brian D. Ahern
Mrs. Margaret M. Baillie
Mr. Lawrence L. Barker
Mr. Michael R. Bazinet
Mr. Philip Bennett
Mrs. Elizabeth C. Braunhut
Ms. Tori Britton
Mrs. Gail Brown
Mrs. Angela T. Butler
Dr. Robert Clark
Mrs. Pam Coffey-Paine
Mrs. Kathy Cook
Mr. William Cook
James F. Cox, Esq.
Ms. Suzanne Croce
Dr. Robert Dana
The Rev. Dr. Susan E. Davies
Mr. Jon Dawson
Mr. G. Clifton Eames
Mr. James R. Fernald
Mr. Roger George
Mrs. Brenda Gerow
Mr. Glenn D. Goodwin
Dr. Geoffrey M. Gratwick
Mr. David Green
Mrs. Patricia Hamilton
Mrs. Audrey Higgins
Mr. David Hughes
Mr. Charles M. Hutchins
Mr. Carroll R. Lee
Mrs. D’arcy Main-Boyington
Mrs. Barbara McDade
Mr. Michael J. McInnis
Mr. John Miller
Mr. Billy Miller
Mr. Claude O’Donnell
Mr. Thomas Palmer
Mr. Joseph H. Pickering, Jr.
Ms. Cyndi Rollins
Ms. Mary-Anne Saxl
Dr. Robert A. Strong
Mrs. Kristen Strong
Mr. Andrew E. Sturgeon
Mrs. Valerie Sulya
Mrs. Suzanne Svendsen
Dr. Beatrice M. Szantyr
Mr. Ed Troscianiec
Mr. Cary Weston
Roberta E. Winchell, Esq.
Mrs. Marjorie F. Withers
Timothy C. Woodcock, Esq.
Mr. C. Shawn Yardley

CHCS Mission

Community Health and Counseling Services will provide community health services that are needed and valued by the communities and individuals we serve.