Adult Case Management

Community Integration Services, often referred to as case management, promotes your recovery and integration into the community and also sustains the living situation of your choice. You will be matched with a Community Integration Worker (CIW) who will help you develop an individual support plan (ISP) after identifying and assessing your needs and resources.

You and your CIW will create an individualized treatment plan and will work with you to develop goals and ask you how to best reach those goals. Your CIWr will monitor your progress as well as ask your input of how you are improving and what can be done better to enhance the likelihood of positive outcomes for you. This regular feedback between you and your worker will help you get what you need from the services.

Your CIW will work with you as you move toward recovery by coordinating referrals for services, monitoring how well services are working for you, advocating for you with other resources and providers, offering crisis intervention and follow-up as needed, and providing problem-solving supports.

You will learn how to fully use community resources and more fully participate in community life. Your CIW may assist you with accessing resources such as:

♦ fuel assistance
♦ transportation needs
♦ food pantries
♦ medical and dental care
♦ housing assistance
♦ employment/vocational services

See also Child Case Management

CHCS Mission

Community Health and Counseling Services will provide community health services that are needed and valued by the communities and individuals we serve.