CHCS Benefit Plans

CHCS has the following benefits available

Flexible Benefit Plan

Vacation & Sick Time

Hourly Non-Exempt Full-time employees accrue:
10 vacation days annually (vacation days increase with length of service)
10 sick days annually

Salaried Exempt Full-time employees accrue:
15 vacation days annually (vacation days increase with length of service)
10 sick days annually

Part-time employees are eligible to earn pro-rated vacation and sick time.


Full-time employees receive 7 Traditional and 3 Floating Holidays annually

Part-time employees are eligible to earn pro-rated time for 7 Traditional and 3 Floating holidays

Observed Traditional Holidays:
New Year's Day
Labor Day
Memorial Day
Thanksgiving Day
Independence Day
Day After Thanksgiving
Christmas Day

3 Floating Holidays
1 Floating Holiday:  January 1 – April 30
1 Floating Holiday:  May 1 – August 31
1 Floating Holiday:  September 1 – December 31

Retirement Plan - 401(a)

CHCS offers a Discretionary Contribution Retirement Plan with Fidelity Investments.  Contributions are made by CHCS with no cost to the employee.  Contributions for eligible participants are based on annual income and are determined on an annual basis.

After one year of employment, employees who are at least 21 years of age and work a minimum of 800 hours in a Plan Year (January 1 - December 31) are eligible to enroll in the CHCS Retirement Plan. 

Voluntary 403(b) Retirement Savings

CHCS employees have the option of enrolling in a 403(b) plan with Fidelity Investments. 

The amount of money each employee voluntarily contributes pre-tax to a 403(b) depends on personal choice. The IRS guidelines set the annual maximum contribution. In 2015 and 2016 the maximum is $18,000 annually (employees over age 50 are eligible for an additional catch-up contribution of $6,000 for a total of $24,000 annually).

Additional Benefits

CHCS offers a variety of additional benefits to our employees:

Employee Assistance Program
Employees and immediate family members may receive as many as three visits each with a counselor for assessment and referral annually.

Education Reimbursement Program
After six months of employment employees are eligible to participate in the CHCS Education Reimbursement Program.

Auto and Homeowners Insurance
CHCS and Traveler's have an arrangement for employees to purchase auto/homeowners insurance at a reduced rate through payroll deductions.  Payroll deductions offers the ultimate convenience for CHCS employees.

Fitness & Wellness Program
A variety of activities are available each year including physical activity programs, educational newsletters and resources, and opportunities to win cash prizes for participation.

Bangor Workplace Advantage Program
Discounts and special savings available through Bangor Savings Bank.

CHCS Mission

Community Health and Counseling Services will provide community health services that are needed and valued by the communities and individuals we serve.