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Resource Parent Care Team Liaison

Job Type(s): Full-Time
Location(s): Bangor, Maine and Caribou, Maine and Ellsworth, Maine and Lewiston, Maine and Machias, Maine and Rockland, Maine
Schedule: Weekdays 8am-5pm
Licenses/Certifications: LSW or LSW-C
Education: Bachelor's Degree
Experience: 2 Years

Job Description

The Liason will be the core point of contact for foster family engagement in the Resource Parent Care Team.
Will initiate and build relationships with foster families and other members of the team, including providers, OCFS staff, and informal/formal supports.
Will provide support to foster families to ensure stable placement of youth in foster care. Past experience in or knowledge of the foster care system is required.


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Job IDs:
Rockland, Maine ID# 1201
Lewiston, Maine ID# 9130
Ellsworth, Maine ID# 8717
Caribou, Maine ID #1236
Machias, Maine ID #8717
Bangor, Maine ID #1245