Community Health and Counseling Services

Foster Care

CHCS has a history of over seventy years of providing exceptional, family centered foster care services. We are committed to providing high quality supports to children and their birth families as they work toward reunification. We highly regard our foster parent partners and work to develop responsive, trusting and respectful individualized connections with each family so that when the more challenging times occur during placement, you feel that you have the supports that you need.

As a longstanding provider of treatment foster care services, we accept our responsibility to champion change in the system so that it has the foundation to provide the best possible outcomes for youth in care, their families and the foster homes in which they are placed. We strive to accomplish this in what we say and what we do.

Our Priorities in Foster Home Development Are:

  • To recruit people who care about children and are invested in providing a safe, loving and nurturing home for children while helping them heal from the circumstances that brought them into foster care.
  • To assist applicants through the licensing process.
  • To offer meaningful supports for foster parents to enhance placement stability, increase satisfaction and maximize the potential of retention.
  • To promote a thriving foster care community of engaged collaborative foster parent partners who are supportive of one another informally and formally.
  • To provide education to the community by increasing awareness of the need for foster homes, identifying why foster care exists and by extension dispelling myths, to increase sensitivity around the issue by decreasing stigmas and stereotypes.