We’re committed to compassionate and caring community-based health care.

Community Health and Counseling Services is a private non-profit organization that provides community-based home health, hospice and mental health services to adults and children in central, eastern, southern and northern Maine. More than 9,000 people benefit each year from the efforts of professional, support, and management staff of the agency.

CHCS provides services to adults with severe and prolonged mental illness who need assistance in achieving and maintaining independence while living within their community; children and their families who are in need of intensive help in dealing with emotional and behavioral problems; and persons who are homebound and recuperating from a serious or terminal illness or who may be in need of home health or hospice services while dealing with a disability or end-of-life process. CHCS believes that, whenever possible, care is best given in a familiar setting where family and friends can become a part of the support and recovery process. The services that are offered are designed to enhance the quality of life for those who are facing health challenges. The agency’s service area is close to 23,500 square miles, equivalent to the size of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware combined. CHCS’s mission is to provide community health services, which are needed and valued by the communities and individuals we serve.

CHCS is both a Medicaid/MaineCare certified home health agency and a comprehensive community mental health center, one of the few combined institutions anywhere in the country. Our services are provided 24-7. The Hospice Services program recently received commendations during its re-accreditation. CHCS is a member of the United Way of Eastern Maine. The organization receives funding, in part, from Department of Health and Human Services for some of its adult and children services.