Stillwater Academy

Stillwater Academy, a program of Community Health and Counseling Services, moved to a new location in 2019. We are now located in the former Great Skates building on Sylvan Road in Bangor, ME.

Stillwater Academy is a private, Special Purpose Private School that serves students ages five to twenty two. Our students are referred to us by sending schools primarily located in Penobscot, Piscataquis, and Hancock counties. Stillwater Academy is specifically designed to support students who present with emotional, social, behavioral and developmental challenges. In addition, we have a rigorous academic program that allows our older students to earn academic credits toward their high school diploma.

Stillwater Academy is staffed by highly qualified teachers and educational technicians/behavioral health profession­als. This team of professionals is support­ed by a special education director and a li­censed school clinician. We also have a full-time Occupational Therapist to better meet the individual needs of our students. The integration of services enhances the coordination of multiple disciplines and improves the overall programming for our students. 

The heart and soul of Stillwater Academy comes from its amazing students and the talented educational team. We are excited to provide a physical space that has been designed with the needs of our students in mind. Our move to the former Great Skates building in Bangor provided a better educational setting for our students. This location improves accessibility, provides space for an on-site activity/ cafeteria room, a dedicated physical and occupational therapy room, larger classroom space, individualized educational spaces and a dedicated life skills room. The new location provides sufficient space to rapidly accommodate demand. 

Students working together at a common table.

Although Stillwater Academy is an independent school, we do not view ourselves in that manner. Our work is an extension and partnership of the services provided by the sending school. Our team works collaboratively with the students’ IEP teams to develop a plan that supports the successful return to their public school setting. Parents are encouraged to be involved with the programming needs of their children, having many opportunities to speak with any of the staff about concerns, suggestions or ideas connected to their child’s program. 

Within our new location, we are using the opportunity to enhance the resources we provide to our students. Among other items, we purchased new occupational therapy equipment, communicative devices, lockers, playground equipment, activity supplies, classroom equipment, and adaptive & therapeutic furniture. 

Individuals or businesses interested in supporting Stillwater Academy can easily donate by visiting our webpage at In addition, we are always looking for individuals who have a desire to have a positive impact on the lives of some of Maine’s most vulnerable students. 

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