Interested in Becoming a Hospice Volunteer?

Become a Hospice Volunteer

If you are an individual who is kind and compassionate and has a desire to improve the quality of life of community members as they journey toward the end of their lives, please consider becoming a volunteer today. If you and or a loved one has ever been touched by hospice care, you will understand the value of its services.

As a hospice volunteer, you may be one of the best parts of a patient’s day. By providing patients with compassion, companionship, and a caring heart, you will be making a difference.

When you volunteer, the rewards are many. Providing a person with the dignity, peace, and respect they deserve is life-fulfilling and meaningful volunteer work. You will not only be having a significant impact on the lives of individuals who are facing a terminal illness but also on the lives of their families and caregivers.

Our volunteers play a key role in providing the needed hope, emotional support, and comfort to hospice patients and families, and there are many ways that you can assist in their hospice care.

Some volunteers interact directly with patients and families while visiting them in their homes, while others prefer more clerical volunteering in the office. As a volunteer, you will have input on the types of volunteer tasks that best fit your skills as well as your compatibility with patients, and there is no limit to how much or how few hours you can volunteer (flexible schedules). There is also no experience needed.

Our hospice team, made up of experienced nurses, certified nursing assistants, physicians, social workers, and other volunteers, will help provide you with the necessary hospice training and ongoing support as a volunteer.

The types of direct care volunteer services (often provided in the patient’s home) include:

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  • In-person family time and companionship
  • Transportation assistance
  • Sharing a walk
  • Playing cards or board games
  • Sewing or knitting
  • Art activities, drawing or painting pictures
  • Viewing old photographs
  • Reading a book/newspaper
  • Sharing stories and current events
  • Listening to music and/or playing a musical instrument
  • Assisting with preparing a meal
  • Running an errand and/or assistance with grocery shopping,
  • Assisting with light household chores, including laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc.)
  • Walking a pet
  • Holding Vigils
  • Providing respite support; staying with patients so families can get some much-needed rest

Commitment and Requirements of being a direct care volunteer:

  • Completion of application packet
  • Completion of the 20-hour Hospice Volunteer Training
  • Favorable background check
  • Mandatory TB Screening and immunization documentation
  • Annual flu vaccination
  • Valid driver’s license and insurance
  • Volunteers must complete all annual requirements.

The types of clerical or non-direct care volunteer services include:

Assisting in office-based administrative/clerical duties such as mailings, filing, phone calls, compiling packets/brochures etc.

Commitment and Requirements of being a clerical ( non-direct care) volunteer:

  • Completion of application packet
  • Review and sign policies, including the Confidentiality Agreement
  • Favorable background check

If you want to experience the joy of being a hospice volunteer and would like to come join our team and/or have questions about our program and the ways you can volunteer; please contact us at 207-922-4600, ext. 6484.

Office Locations needing Hospice Volunteers include the Bangor region, and Lincoln and Millinocket regions.

You may apply online by clicking on the button below or you can contact us at 207-922-4600, ext. 6484 to request a paper application be mailed to you.