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Educational Technician III

Job Type(s): Full-Time
Location(s): Bangor, Maine
Schedule: Monday - Friday 7am to 4pm
Licenses/Certifications: Ed Tech III
Education: Bachelor’s degree in Social/Behavioral science or related field
Experience: 1 Year experience working with children/adolescents who have emotional/behavioral disorders

Job Description

The Educational Technician II will perform instructional and behavioral management tasks in a special purpose classroom to assist teaching staff.
The Stillwater Academy follows the regular school year calendar with summer services through the end of July. The 40-hour weekly schedule is similar to regular school hours.
All positions at the Academy are regular positions that continue from one school year to the next school year.

**CHCS believes in the importance of work-life balance, we offer generous leave time with paid sick for our staff. Vacation time is based on the school calendar.***


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Job IDs:
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