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Residential Support Worker (RSW)

Job Type(s): Full-Time, Part-Time
Location(s): Bangor, Maine
Schedule: varies - see below
Education: High school diploma or GED
Experience: 3 Years

Job Description

Provide residential personal care and rehabilitative treatment to clients with severe and prolonged mental illness. Provide assistance to clients in obtaining the support, skills and services necessary to improve and/or maintain the level of functioning and maximize independence in the community. Will need to deliver integral mental health treatment and medication administration services to promote growth and recovery for the clients. Assist with maintaining the operation of the home.

Available shifts:
Monday to Friday – 1pm to 9pm/float
Monday to Thursday – 7am to 5pm
Live-in – Friday 1pm to Sunday 9pm
Friday 8am to 6pm, Saturday 9am to 7pm, Sunday 11am to 9pm, Monday 8am to 6pm
Live-in – Friday 7am to Saturday 7pm, Sunday 7am to 7pm


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Job IDs:
ID# 6205, 7753, 6202, 4785