Our Home Health Services

We provide the following professionally skilled home health services to patients recovering from illness or injury

Physical Therapy
Our qualified staff will work with your doctor to plan, coordinate and provide care tailored to your in-home needs.

Skilled Nursing
Our qualified nursing staff will work with your doctor to plan, coordinate and provide care tailored to your needs. Skilled nursing is provided by RNs or LPNs with training and experience in home care.  Services may  include evaluation of health care needs, performance of skilled nursing procedures, education of patients, family members and caregivers on disease processes, prevention strategies and self-care techniques,  and coordination of care and services with physicians and other health care team members.

Nurses ensure effective communication and advocacy for patients.

Occupational Therapy
Our qualified staff of Occupational Therapists will work with your doctor to plan, coordinate, and provide care tailored to your in-home needs. Occupational Therapists improve patients' level of independence regardless of their illness or condition. They provide assistance as patients become more independent in activities such as bathing, dressing, cooking, and recreation. Occupational therapists working in home environments facilitate day-to-day problem-solving.

Specific treatment plans are developed with the guidance of patients and their physicians. They may include assessment and treatment of perceptual, visual, sensory, and cognitive abilities; gross and fine motor skills; performance of activities of daily living; balance; equipment; depression; limited vision; and/or environmental safety.

Speech Language Pathology
Working with your doctor our qualified staff will plan, coordinate, and provide care tailored to your in-home needs. Speech Language Pathologists work as part of the home health team to assist in the recovery of conditions which affect the ability to speak, understand, and/or communicate.  Conditions may include recovery from stroke, trauma, or other neurological conditions.    

Home Health Aides
Home Health Aides provide hands-on personal care to you or services that are needed to maintain your health or to help with the treatment of your illness or injury. 
Home Health Aides provide assistance with personal care, including bathing, dressing, grooming, hair care, oral hygiene, skin care, foot care, feeding, toileting, and moving about the home safely. They may also perform simple wound dressing changes that do not require the skills of a nurse, assistance with exercise programs that do not require the skills of physical or occupational therapists, and assistance with prostheses, including artificial limbs.   

CHCS Home Health Aide staff receive additional education to provide compassionate and caring home services.  Home Health Aide services are short-term services which are provided in conjunction with skilled nursing and/or physical and occupational therapy services.   

Social Work
Social Workers resolve social or emotional problems that are or are expected to be a barrier to your medical condition or rate of recovery. Social Workers help find resources that assist with money or emotional problems that may be hindering patient recovery. Social Workers have a unique ability to identify sources of assistance that help patients receive services for which they qualify.  

Social Workers have a strong desire to improve people's lives. Their work is challenging, and often their only reward is knowing they have helped their clients. In home health settings, Social Workers may be involved if Nurses or Physical or Occupational Therapists recommend their assistance and the Physicians involved agree to the plan.

Dietary Counseling
A Registered Dietitian provides dietary educational services based on assessed needs of our patients. A Registered Dietitian provides screening, assessment, and education for patients in need of dietary counseling.  The Dietitian is skilled in developing modified diets in accordance with patient needs and their age-specific characteristics.  

The Registered Dietitian educates patients and their families regarding nutritional needs and dietary modifications.

CHCS Mission

Community Health and Counseling Services will provide community health services that are needed and valued by the communities and individuals we serve.