CHCS Homeless Outreach Programs

PATH (Projects for Assistance with Transition from Homelessness)

The PATH Team provides grant funded services to persons who are homeless, have a mental illness and/or co-occurring substance use disorder and do not have MaineCare insurance. PATH staff provide outreach, engagement and short term case management services to homeless youth, adults and families in Penobscot, Piscataquis and Hancock Counties.

PATH staff can provide street outreach to people living outdoors, in cars, campers or in other temporary places.

PATH eligibility includes two categories, those who are "literally homeless" and those who are "at risk of homelessness." PATH funded services are primarily focused on serving people who are:

  • "literally homeless." This category includes:
  • - Sleeping in places not meant for human habitation

      - Sleeping in emergency shelters

      - Residing in hospitals or correctional settings if they were homeless immediately
         prior to entering the hospital or institution

      - Graduating from a transitional housing program for homeless persons

      - Victims of domestic violence

      - Veterans who are homeless

    "at risk of homelessness" This category includes:

    - Residing in a double-up living situation where person is not on the lease

    - Living in a condemned building without a place to go

    - Having utility bills in arrears resulting in disconnection

    - Having received an eviction notice with no identified place to move

    - Being discharged from a hospital or correctional setting without a place to live

    If you meet these eligibility guidelines, our PATH team can assist you to connect with benefit/income resources; to apply for rental subsidies and health insurance; find affordable housing; locate healthcare providers; access psychiatric and addiction recovery resources etc.

    For more information contact Mary Ellen Quinn, LSW Program Coordinator at 922-4432 or the Referral Center at 922-4453.

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