Stillwater Academy

We specialize in serving students with autism, pervasive developmental disorders and other developmental disabilities

Stillwater Academy is a private, special-purpose school licensed by the Maine Department of Education and Department of Health and Human Services. We provide educational and day treatment services to students between ages 5 and 20, whose success in public school has been impacted by emotional, social, behavioral and developmental challenges.

At Stillwater Academy we:
  • Provide pre-admission consultation services and transition services free of charge,
  • Offer an extended school-year program for students requiring day treatment Services beyond the traditional school year,
  • Offer contracted services for occupational therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy,
  • Develop individualized behavior management programs for each student,
  • Offer a high faculty-to-student ratio in our classrooms,
  • Provide advocacy services, monthly parent support groups, individual and Family therapy services and case management services.

Stillwater Academy believes:
  • Team approach works best with students,
  • Meaningful educational experiences promote learning and growth,
  • Students’ learning challenges stem from learning style differences,
  • Learning becomes fun when students’ interests are incorporated,
  • Learning takes place in many ways,
  • Everyone is a teacher,
  • Learning occurs both formally and informally.

Families are experts when it comes to knowing their child. By developing partnerships with students’ families, our faculty is able to tap into a wealth of information that enables us to develop comprehensive and accurate assessments and treatment plans that make sense. We respect the wishes of students’ families and consider them to be knowledgeable decision-makers, not just recipients of services.

  • We consider families our partners
  • We believe in empowering families.
  • We are committed to serving students and their families.
  • We expect families to be actively involved in our program.

Success and life skills are nurtured as students learn to access available community resources for necessities, learning and leisure time.  Students routinely participate in local cultural and community activities using the world as their classroom.  Stillwater Academy teaches the importance of:

  • Students “giving something back” to their community.
  • Developing partnerships with their community.

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CHCS Mission

Community Health and Counseling Services will provide community health services that are needed and valued by the communities and individuals we serve.