Christopher Paul Pickering

Pay It Forward Fund

We generally know when we need help and support. What we don’t always realize is the capacity we have to help others. The CHCS Christopher Paul Pickering Pay It Forward Fund provides resources to address challenges for individuals being served by CHCS. The funds are used to address an immediate and urgent need for CHCS employees, clients, and patients.

The funds are viewed as the first step in a process of promoting our capacity to help others. The act of kindness initiated by all who have contributed to this fund sparks the opportunity for recipients to “Pay It Forward”

Recipients are encouraged to share their unique resources and skills with someone else when that opportunity arises. It is through this action that the spirit of Pay It Forward is realized and the ultimate reward is found in the giving to someone else.

Christopher “put on a one man show in the sunshine days of his early life and the cloudy days when he bravely lived through his illness. His sharing with others continued for his entire 46 years of life”

–Joseph Pickering Jr.

Photo of Christopher Pickering
A handwritten birthday note from Chris to his father.

The philosophical tenet of Pay It Forward is the recognition that our ability to positively impact another person is not defined by our circumstances or challenges. Brain disorders, like the one that Christopher Pickering experienced, impact, but do not define a person. Christopher is defined by who he was and the impact that he made on others.

Christopher was a strong student, athlete, and friend. He was the high scorer that propelled Bangor to a victory over South Portland in the 1993 Class A State Championship Basketball game. His athleticism, however, is not the characteristic most remembered by his friend and teammate, Matt Parke. Matt states, “That year had taught me about work ethic, commitment and friendship. All because Chris challenged me to keep my word. I will continue to think fondly of my friend even as the years pass. I will continue to strive to make a positive difference in people’s lives in his memory. I will continue to teach young people what it means to keep your word”.

Christopher made connections with others because of his compassion and character. Authentic people like Christopher change people’s lives because of their willingness to give to someone else with no expectation of the gift being returned. Matt Parke is one of many people who benefited from the gift of knowing Christopher.

Christopher faced challenges because of his illness but as his dad states, “Chris was much, much more than his illness”. We are proud to recognize Christopher for who he was and to carry forward his spirit of kindness, giving and compassion for others.

Help us pay it forward

You can help us to carry on Christopher’s spirit of giving by donating to the Christopher Paul Pickering Pay It Forward Fund.

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